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The Mengeles of Massachusetts

Routine “surveillance testing” for Covid-19 and other respiratory viruses remains “protocol” in congregate care settings in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Vulnerable children and adults are swabbed when they are not ill and denied the sight of their caregivers’ faces because of ongoing mask policies.

“Positive” patients are imprisoned in their rooms even if they have no symptoms.  Family members who object to routine testing of their loved ones are threatened that the person will be kept in isolation if testing is declined.

The staff say they are tired of it, too, but they continue to obey irrational orders from their Masters at the Department of Public Health.

They apparently never heard of Nuremburg.

“I was just following orders” was not an excuse.

Although plenty of the Nazi doctors and nurses managed to escape justice after World War II because they were scut monkeys doing what they were told at gunpoint, we didn’t hear too many of them bragging about it. 

What explanation do doctors and nurses today have for their collaboration?

They are worse than Nazis because they complied with incentivized “guidance” without actual threats to their lives (until the Covid shots rolled out).

Did it ever occur to them that they are the ones endangering the health of their patients with their own incessant masking, swabbing and jabbing?

Facilities are already short staffed because they fired their best and brightest who would collaborate no more with political theater and medical experimentation.

The remaining mercenaries are now off sick over and over again with viral and bacterial infections, anxiety, depression, aggressive cancers, menstrual irregularities, and cardiovascular, neurological and autoimmune disorders of every stripe.

Doctors are “baffled”.

The lucky ones died suddenly (or got saline or a faulty batch) and the rest who complied can look forward to a shortened life full of pain and suffering.

Maybe they are into that and that is why they torment vulnerable children and adults?

Answer the question, Mengeles.

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