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They Cheered for the Death of a Child

Updated: Mar 9

The warmongering, pharma whores cheered for the death of a child.

That is the State of the Union.

Four years ago, we had the last relatively normal week of our lives.  Yes, the world has been going to pot for decades, but I could not have imagined the ruin of the United States in my lifetime.

Tyranny is something that happens somewhere else, in backward, unenlightened places such as Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China and the Third World.

But, in 2020, we saw totalitarianism rise up in Australia and New Zealand, the UK, most of Europe, Israel, the United States, and even friendly Canada.

Schools and businesses were shut down, citizens’ movements restricted, people assaulted and arrested for going to church, declining to wear a mask, or visiting public parks and beaches.

Men and women lost their jobs, children were deprived of even the most basic education while politicians, doctors, nurses, educators and clergymen lied to the public about the dangers of a manmade virus called “Covid19". 

Safe, effective, and inexpensive medications were demonized in favor of unsafe, ineffective and incredibly profitable ones.  Millions across the globe were murdered in nursing homes and hospitals (or died by overdose, suicide, or starvation) and millions more are being euthanized, sometimes slowly and painfully, with experimental gene therapy.

In 2024, a dementia patient occupies the White House (his tenure guaranteed by the fact no one wants a cackling prostitute to take his place) and he dares to celebrate the slaughter of innocents and mock us as he and his minions profit from war.

The collaborators in Congress sit uselessly, playing on their phones or, worse, stand up and cheer in their virginal white (the irony) imagining they are on the right side of history.

They cheered for the death of a child.

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