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Useful Idiots

Updated: 4 days ago

If all the students interrupting classes at colleges and universities really cared about human life, they would be protesting outside the offices of Pfizer, Moderna and Planned Parenthood.

These kids couldn’t get off their backsides to complain about lockdowns and mandates and happily wasted their parents’ and the taxpayers’ money “learning” remotely for almost two years.

Their professors were also pleased to sit at home (or at their summer houses) and receive full pay and benefits.

Not a single teachers’ union fought to reopen and go back to doing their jobs properly and they still have the audacity to demand cost of living increases.

How about the cost of lost learning and the injuries and deaths from isolation, substance abuse and experimental injections?

The same people (or the latest crop of brain injured youths) who participated in burn, loot, and murder in 2020 are now shouting “Free Palestine”. The bootlicking Gestapo being brought in to break things up aren't any better.

Who is paying them to make a nuisance of themselves in an election year?

Not wanting to fund wars in the Middle East does not make someone an anti-Semite or a terrorist sympathizer. It is ok to say we don't need to go out of our way to maim and murder innocents.

It doesn't matter if the killing is being done by Islamists, a Western army, or the medical industrial complex.

However, instead of making noise on the lawns of our institutions of higher indoctrination, we should be making a stink at our State Houses and at the Capitol Building and demand our tax money stop being used to fund atrocities on all sides.

Disrupting final exams over something you know nothing about just makes you a useful idiot of the ruling class.

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