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Slogging Our Way Out of Winter

Here we are in the worst bit of winter, the final slog toward Spring that will last long past March 20th. The dirty snow, the unpredictable weather fluctuating between blizzard and freezing rain.

Yes, there will be the odd 40- or 50-degree day that brings hope to those of us fed up with shoveling and driving to work in muck (if we are fortunate to still have a job after our Governors destroyed our states' economies this past year).

I am one of the lucky few who is still gainfully employed in spite of the Covidiocy. Who knows how much longer the politicians will be able to drag out the nonsense and keep kids out of school and businesses closed, or at "reduced capacity", and citizens unemployed and dependent on government handouts?

The “science” has already been adjusted. The PCR tests used in 2020 to keep COVID-19 case numbers up have been determined by the World Health Organization not to be diagnostically definitive. A positive PCR test alone is no longer enough to consider someone positive for COVID-19. Is that so? As a result, we have seen a significant decline in the number of “cases” since our new President was installed in the White House.

People are still dying, but I guess it is ok to say they died of old age or cancer or motor vehicle accidents again and we don’t have to list them all as COVID deaths anymore. I wonder if boring old influenza will come back once the blue states get their bailouts from the Feds and they no longer need CARES Act money to prop up their mismanaged pension funds and bankrupt budgets?

Will the "medical experts" and others invested in the medical supply and pharmaceutical industries have, at last, made enough money so we can stop testing healthy people for diseases they don’t have and encouraging everyone to be guinea pigs for experimental biological agents made by Pfizer and Moderna? Will we eventually stop asking doctors and nurses to be complicit in lies about the effectiveness of masks and lockdowns for fear of losing their jobs and reputations?

This was never about health. If it had been, we would have just washed our hands and stayed home when we were sick and prescribed the least expensive treatments as early as possible rather than waiting until people were at Death’s front door to medicate them with drugs that cost thousands of dollars per dose.

We wouldn’t be keeping healthy men, women and children locked down for months increasing the rates of alcoholism, depression, anxiety, abuse of all kinds and suicide. We wouldn’t be allowing the elderly to die alone.

It will be interesting to see how the sitting politicians extricate themselves from the COVID slog now that only they can be held accountable for what happens in 2021. They have the President and Vice President they want and both houses of Congress. If this virus and the next virus that comes down the pike keep killing off old and compromised people, it’s on them.

States such as Florida and South Dakota showed it was possible to reopen schools and businesses. The secret is out and the game is up.

Sure, there are some who are clueless enough to still believe whatever CNN or the New York Times tells them, but there are plenty of Americans who aren’t going to put up with the long, dark slog of winter, or the fear pandemic, much longer.

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