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Independence Day

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

As Independence Day rolls around again, some Americans will be able to celebrate in relative freedom if they are fortunate enough to live in a state with a sensible governor.

Long ago, they suspended unconstitutional mandates restricting freedom to breathe or go to work or school (or never instituted them in the first place) and they aren’t subjecting their citizens to a system of medical apartheid where individuals who exercise their right to make medical decisions for themselves are segregated from the rest of society.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of states left that are encouraging some pretty scary stuff.

In fact, unable to let go of the power given to them by a populace terrified of Covid-19, plenty of politicians and even medical professionals, who should know better, are still pushing experimental injections on everybody, downplaying known adverse reactions of said injections and refusing to acknowledge and promote successful treatments for Covid-19 (which would remove the need for emergency use authorization of experimental injections).

Some colleges and universities think it is ok to mandate non-FDA approved injections and then discriminate against students who take religious or medical exemptions from them. They will be segregating students in housing, dining facilities and subjecting students who have not received Covid-19 injections to additional testing or masking or other questionable practices all in the name of “health”.

How is that legal or ethical, especially when every college on the planet is blathering on about diversity, equity and inclusion?

Employers in all sectors are coercing their employees to take the shots lest they risk losing their jobs. Many of them were already exposed to Covid-19 and are immune. Since when do we punish people for not taking a pharmaceutical they don't need?

Fortunately, the word is finally getting out to the general public with the help of a courageous few. Some of these brave souls have been speaking out for over a year only to be demonized in the press, censored, investigated and blacklisted.

As the truth is reported, the name calling will continue – “conspiracy theorist”, “anti-science”, “anti-vaxxer”, etc. These doctors, unlike other “experts”, have no financial or political incentive to keep the Covid panic going.

Do some research of your own before you mask up again, or hide away in your house for another year, or subject yourself or your child to an experimental biological agent (in spite of what the propaganda in your state may be trying to tell you).

Do some research before you allow the government to make you a lab rat and take away the right to say yes or no to medical treatment.

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