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Half-Priced Chocolate

Avoiding sugar is a challenge considering it is in everything that didn’t come off an animal.

Lately, I have been living on eggs, fish and a little bit of beef and dairy.  I am trying to steer clear of carbohydrates and most vegetables because they make my arthritis act up and my kidneys and bowels rebel. 

Too much information, I know.

I destroyed my health eating plants and other “low fat” garbage for over 20 years.  Had I stuck to bacon and eggs, butter and beef and the occasional spud, carrot, or cabbage, I probably would have been fine.

However, I followed the guidance of mainstream medicine and restricted fat and ate diet foods.  That, and occupational exposure to toxins, many administered by injection until I woke up in 2020, wrecked my body.

Doing what I was supposed to do made me fat, insulin resistant, arthritic, exhausted and irritable.

I am starting to feel better now that I have stopped listening to the American Heart Association and Diabetes Association and all the “health” associations that have been paid off by the sugar and seed oil industries and Big Pharma.

I will occasionally still eat chocolate, but I stay away from the crappy, puke tasting Hershey’s kind.

Coffee and tea, albeit plants, will stay in my diet because I am a danger to others when not caffeinated.

I am not a pleasant person with a migraine, nor is it safe to have a space cadet taking care of human beings and other living things.

I went to the gym this morning and will pick up espresso on my way home, but I will skip the half-priced chocolate.




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