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Follow the $cience

Just when I thought the world couldn’t go more Black Mirror, the frauds running the country have started to ramp up the coronavirus hysteria again.

Why do they need to? The Scrambled Egg in Chief is firmly installed in the White House and Kamala is ready and willing to ride in there to take his place when he eventually reaches the point in his dementia where he can’t be redirected no matter how much ice cream or medication they give him or how early they call a lid on his day.

All the 2020 voting irregularities found in various states are being shoveled, not just swept, under the rug by the Dems and their lackeys in the courts. I suppose they need Covid to continue so they can use mail-in voting again to steal 2022 and buy a little more time to fully federalize all elections and ensure that a one-party system is in place by 2024.

Maybe they will use an Executive Order to stop anyone who hasn’t gotten their Covid shots from showing up at the polls. They are already letting employers, colleges and businesses discriminate against people based on their medical conditions and religious beliefs and coercing everyone to take a medical treatment they don't want or need.

Why not make it official and say only people who can prove they are on board with Fauci’s experiment can vote?

Isn’t that Jim Crow, you ask? Like voter ID? No, it is only Jim Crow if Democrats can’t cheat.

Admit it. Covid was never about public health. Politicians, pharmaceutical companies and most of the medical community colluded to shut down the economy, muck about with the election and bring an experimental injection to market.

Stop bullshitting us. The shots aren't working anymore (or never did). They aren't vaccines because they don't prevent infection or transmission and don't confer longtime immunity like a real vaccine does.

Don’t talk to me about variants because coronaviruses mutate like crazy and anyone with half a brain knows this. Goodness knows what sort of Frankenviruses are headed our way courtesy of the NIH and the Wuhan Lab.

There are perfectly good treatments for Covid-19 -- ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, Vitamin D, Zinc, etc. -- but you continue to ignore them to promote expensive and experimental agents and line the pockets of the well connected.

Be honest. You made an injection that you want to sell that only works for a short time for some people (and has, in fact, injured thousands since you started using it). You want to keep selling it for years to come. You don’t know the long-term effects of it and it should have been taken off the market months ago.

The truth is your technology is garbage and you killed off a bunch of old people for no good damn reason.

You ghouls are willing to sacrifice human life for power and profit and your "science" is all about the Almighty Dollar.

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