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They Will Kill You And Bill You

While the Twitter/X sphere is melting down over felony charges for political candidates, human beings across the country are still being maimed and murdered in medical facilities.

The masked, boosted collaborators among us say it is not happening, but I would suggest they pay more attention.

I had a family member recently injured by a doctor during a routine medical procedure and the staff at the hospital did their level best to destroy the evidence.

The person, thankfully, is hard to kill and managed to survive an inpatient stay.

Once, I would have said the United States has the best system in the world, but that is no longer true.

Ever since the Affordable Care Act was forced down our throats, medicine has been going down the crapper.

Patients struggle to get outpatient appointments to begin with and, if you are lucky to see a provider often enough for them to get to know you at all, each conversation, condition, procedure or test has a separate billing code attached.

Doctors no longer touch patients unless they are cutting into them or shoving tubes in their orifices. They order labs and scans and prescribe pills and injections while turning a blind eye to whatever food, drink, pharmaceuticals or environmental factors may be contributing to their patients’ poor health.

There is no such thing as “free” healthcare.  Either you, your employer or some other taxpaying sucker is footing the bill.

And what Obamacare didn’t destroy, the Covid response sure did.

For two years, longer in some places, doctors and nurses were allowed to operate with no oversight from the general public and could kill without witnesses.

Profitable protocols were followed, patients died, and the Mengeles were rewarded handsomely with increased pay and heavy subsidies for certain diagnoses, medications and equipment.

All the “Covid” deaths came with millions of dollars in reimbursement for your local medical center.

Since mandates culled healthcare of all the critical thinkers and only amoral mercenaries work in hospitals anymore, who is going to complain if this continues?

The hush money worked and will keep working.

Don’t dare object, though, if you witness neglect or incompetence and never suggest that a doctor or nurse may want to consider deviating from protocol and not administer something that is quite obviously causing more harm than good.

The latest crop of doctors and nurses have, evidently, never had any demands put on them by their teachers and have such fragile egos that they call the rent a cop if you aren’t “respectful” enough of their office.

A word of advice.  Stay away from mainstream medicine. 

They will kill you and bill you without an ounce of remorse.

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