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One Hundred Years

One hundred years ago, I might have been a socialist.

Seeing the squalor of the tenements, the slaughter of a generation of men in the Great War, the gross mismanagement of the pandemic flu, I would have been pretty angry with the government and other Masters.

Even though I may have finally been granted the right to vote, I would have been furious with the powerful who denied me a decent education because of my class and sex. As a divorcee, I would have been ostracized.

I would not have lasted long had I been born in 1872 instead of 1972.

I would have likely died in childbirth (had I found a suitable husband). Had I remained a spinster, I may have worked as a maid, a seamstress, a telephone operator, a teacher or, perhaps, a nurse. My career choices would have been woefully limited.

Had I been born in 1572, I would have been hanged or burned as a witch.

Or would I have been a good and pious wife?

In 2023, I couldn’t be a more liberated woman.

I earn my own living. My ex-husband has a new husband to take care of him. I answer to no one in my personal life.

However, I have lived the abject failures of collectivism. I have survived (barely) the abuses of the government and our Masters: the unjust laws, crushing taxation, unconstitutional dictates and the corruption of education and medicine with the money of oligarchs.

I was a union member for a time, but the better pay, the better working conditions, the better life only materialized for the politicians, union stewards and members willing to sell their souls.

The Masters are still the Masters, monitoring the peasants with their laptops and using ignoramuses to contribute to and vote for their money laundering operations.

I don’t know which is more depressing: the possibility of voter fraud or that half the country only cares about legalized weed and unlimited access to abortion.

The last election should have been a bloodbath. Every politician who supported lockdowns and mandates and took money from pharmaceutical companies should have been removed from office.

Instead, most of the clowns kept their seats.

And the compliant collaborators, The Good Germans, have been and will continue to be rewarded. So much for whatever was fought and died for in the last one hundred years.

One hundred years squandered.

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