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From the Desk of a Chump

I have seen a lot of psychosis in my career. Often alcohol or drug induced, sometimes strictly organic in nature, psychosis can be terrifying for those who witness it even if the person in psychosis is completely unaware of what is going on.

The vitriol spewed forth from the mouths of psychotics toward those trying to comfort them, to keep them from harming themselves or others, can be quite jarring.

Civilians will run for the hills and only well-trained police officers, EMTs, paramedics and nurses will have the guts to lay hands on them, to dodge the spit and blood and excrement and their hateful words and put their lives in danger to save the damaged souls from themselves.

When the person is calm, or at least sedated, a physician will examine him or her for injury and, eventually, some social worker or mental health clinician will evaluate the person. Maybe an inpatient bed will be found for them, maybe a jail cell, maybe he or she will be discharged to the street. Once the psychosis, organic or otherwise, is cleared, one often can find a perfectly rational person within.

Sometimes, psychosis is less obvious, more insidious. The seemingly perfectly rational person will say something that makes you realize that, even though he or she is not biting, kicking and screaming, the evil remains and it wants to harm you or them. It hates you, hates them and wants to destroy everything good in that person’s life and in the world around them.

Leftists have been lost to their psychosis, their hatred for all that is good in America -- respect for life and liberty, integrity, faith, family, hard work, equality before the law, love for one's fellow human being regardless of color, class, sex or creed.

They push a narrative that conservatives are full of hate, but it is Antifa and BLM and other Marxist organizations that are burning cities, destroying property and assaulting people in the streets because of the color of their skin or their religious or political beliefs.

We have a Democrat candidate being propped up by the establishment who can barely put two sentences together while the sitting President is vilified daily by the media and politicians who have been soaking the taxpayers for decades.

We have a clear choice this election cycle. We can vote for a President and Vice President who love this country and her people and want us all to thrive by making decisions for ourselves. Or, you can vote for a pair of candidates who despise us and think we are deplorables and “Chumps” and need every aspect of our lives controlled by the State.

This Chump is voting for Trump.

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