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The Stolen Year

The year 2020 was stolen from us.

It was stolen from little children and high school and college students who missed almost an entire year of in-person learning. It was stolen from hardworking men and women who lost their livelihoods when unconstitutional mandates were put in place by governors who shut down their states for months.

It was stolen from our elders who spent their final weeks in isolation instead of with their children and grandchildren. They died alone. Maybe a kind nurse or CNA held their hands and let them know it was ok to go, but I’ll bet a lot skirted off this mortal coil in solitary confinement.

I blame the selfish, power drunk Democrats and RINOs who used a virus to unseat a President they didn’t like. B.S. stories about Russian collusion didn’t work, fake Impeachment hearings didn’t work, so they took advantage of yet another annual bug to scare the bejesus out of the American people, destroy a kickass economy and reward their campaign contributors in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

The collateral damage is horrifying. Suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence. Never mind the undiagnosed cancers, the pain from delayed surgeries, the rotted teeth, the kids who have yet to be vaccinated for diseases such as measles and meningitis that will kill them.

We won’t know for another week or two who really won the Presidential election (even though the corrupt media machine has already been telling the American people their guy did). It won’t really matter to the average working chump.

We will still get up and go to work if we haven’t lost our jobs yet. We will keep paying our taxes so we can subsidize the elites and freeloaders of every stripe. We will keep donating to food banks and church groups and other charities to make up for what taxpayer scamming government programs don’t fund.

We will keep reading our holy books and pray to our God and teach our kids right from wrong and serve our country and not murder innocent children or destroy our neighbor’s property. We will celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas in spite of the dictates of our government overlords.

There may be a dark winter coming as Sniffer Joe has said, but we will be a Light in the Darkness. God is bigger than the Bogeyman. We survived the Obama years. We can survive the Biden/Harris years, too.

Or maybe we’ll get lucky and the Supreme Court will give us a nice Christmas present.

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