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May We Die on Our Feet

It has been made plain that our public servants are oath breakers and will plunder and destroy endlessly to enrich themselves.

Billions of US tax dollars sent to arm Nazis in Ukraine, subsidize terrorists in the Middle East and finance the makers of bioweapons and other implements of war.

How many more ordinary people in the world will need to die before the ruling class is satisfied?

When will enough of us be bombed, aborted, euthanized, sterilized, starved or slowly poisoned with fake food and pharmaceuticals?

The Republic fell into the hands of liars and thieves many years ago, but our life of relative comfort made it easy to pretend the city on a hill would stand.

It is crumbling.

Before it is too late, we must pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor to withdraw our consent from our corrupt and murderous government.

And, when we die, it will be on our feet, not our knees.

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