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I've Got Some Land to Sell You...

The ruling class is up to old tricks.

Land clearances in paradise, lab grown meat, a few more billion to Ukraine and “boosters”, “tests” and “temporary school closings and mask mandates”.


Go boost yourself.

If you are dopey enough to fall for it again then, be my guest, get boosted. Have fun dying suddenly (if you are lucky). If you are not so lucky, please enjoy a lifetime of constant infections, blood clots, pain, and neurological dysfunction.

Go ahead and eat lab grown meat if you want, but don’t tell everyone else eggs and beef are bad and seed oils and statins are good. The food pyramid that demonized fat and promoted carbohydrates has resulted in thousands of obese, sick and nearly dead people with chronic inflammation, diabetes and dementia.

The government can try to con the public and say a brush fire is able to tell the difference between a working-class home or business and one owned by a celebrity, but some of us aren’t completely brain-dead yet.

We also know the war in Ukraine is a high-end money laundering operation for the global elites.

You don’t kill babies in women’s wombs and then try to grow one in a fake uterus so some man with a fetish can say he is a “birthing person”. You don’t mutilate and sterilize underage children.

If you are an adult and want to get bad plastic surgery and become a lifetime patient (moneymaker) for the medical industrial complex, knock yourself out. Just don’t ask anyone else to pay for your nonfunctioning parts.

If you want to put a Swastika (mask) on your face to show your allegiance to tyrants, then so be it. You are allowed to be an ignoramus.

The mask (Swastika) does f@$% all to prevent disease and you are a human rights violator practicing medicine without a license if you mandate it in the workplace, a school or business (including a hospital).

Mengele, Hitler, Stalin and Mao are having a party in Hell realizing some humans are dumb enough to mask up again and continue medical experimentation on children and vulnerable adults.

The evidence is there that none of this crap worked and, yet, the politicians and “public health experts” are back to their shenanigans.

Doctors and nurses are going right along with it again because, they say, they need to “follow the guidance”.

No, you don’t.

Bringing back mask mandates shows an outstanding lack of clinical judgement. Telling people to get annual covid and flu shots indicates you have done zero research and are just a mouthpiece for Big Pharma and your patients have every reason to find another doctor or nurse.

I hope they do, for their sakes.

If your doctor or nurse is telling you to wear a mask or get another injection or eat fake food and take another pill and you believe them, then you are beyond saving.

Some of us, however, will still try to save you because we care more about our oaths than our paychecks.

I suspect that we will be witnessing at least another year of unnecessary death and suffering because the affluent assclowns running the show need to eke out a few more million (and stay in power until they completely destroy what is left of the Republic).

And, if you think this won’t happen, I've got some land to sell you in Maui.

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