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How much longer are the American People going to let politicians and their collaborators gaslight us?

How much longer are we going to pretend they ever had a right to close down our schools and businesses and take away our freedom to associate or move about the country in the name of “health”?

How much longer are we going to put up with them telling us Covid-19 is still a death sentence and everybody needs to wear masks and socially distance until we are all good little boys and girls and subject ourselves to experimental injections that, so far, only guarantee a big payday for Big Pharma?

Doctors and nurses and so-called “medical experts” lost the right to say anything last summer when they stood in solidarity with rioters and let them burn and loot our cities. There were no mass Covid casualties after those “large gatherings” and mostly peaceful protests. The pandemic was over then and the medical community lost all credibility.

We knew it was scam. A political ploy to take control, to have mail in voting, to remove our civil liberties and to bend our will until we accept communism, socialism, or some form of totalitarian technocracy.

Since 99.9 percent of people don't die from Covid-19, we stopped hearing about Covid deaths and started hearing about the multitudes of Covid “cases” -- cases identified by flawed PCR tests that tell healthy people they are carriers of disease, that they will kill granny, that they cannot go to school or work or church.

Data was further dirtied by combining what deaths there were with deaths from pneumonia, influenza, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, old age and just about everything else.

Rather than reassure the public with news of available treatments and recoveries, the fearmongers can only shout Masks, Vaccines, Variants, Lockdowns! Now that our hospitals have stopped killing people with Covid, we keep seeing pictures again of how other countries are screwing things up.

Those who say otherwise -- even frontline doctors with decades of experience healing human beings, who have successfully treated Covid-19 patients -- are silenced, censored and called quacks, conspiracy theorists.

The potted plant and the cackling hag in the White House want to pretend they are going to give us back our freedom if we only comply with their instructions for just a little bit longer. If we behave, their blue state minions will lift restrictions in the coming weeks and months. Oh? How good of you. There should never have been any to begin with!

We willingly gave up our liberty out of fear or stupidity or both.

Enough with the gaslighting.

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