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Dangerous Freedom

Updated: Jul 5

It is dangerous to be free.

The ruling/laptop class doesn’t like it when the peasants are independent of them.  A citizen with his or her own land, income, and mind is deadly to tyranny.

The beauty of the United States, until about 60 years ago, is that a poverty-stricken peasant could emigrate here and, in a generation, be a property owner.

Of course, many failed, some even went back home, but most stayed.

Why go back to a life of servitude and squalor when one can live in the land of indoor plumbing and a full belly?

There is no one starving in the United States.  The dependent class is often obese.  We may be malnourished by processed food, but most Americans haven’t known true hunger since World War II.

We have too much food, too many medications, too much leisure, too many modern conveniences.

It keeps us fat, sick and nearly dead, not vigorous, prosperous, and dangerous to the elites.

Those who eschew fake food, fake money, fake education, fake medicine, fake leaders are “conspiracy theorists” or “right wing”.

The establishment says this as if it is still a slur.

In two years, our country will be 250 years old.  I would like it to survive well beyond that.

I have been an American my entire life, the descendant of immigrants, a few indigents and indolents, and a multitude of mundane taxpayers.

As a wage slave myself, I celebrate my abolitionist and insurrectionist ancestors far more than those who took the path of least resistance.

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

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