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Cry, My Beloved Country

I don’t give a damn about Ukraine.

As We the People are starting to wake up and finally get off our rear ends after watching 50,000 Canadian workers do what we should have done a year ago, our “leaders” are trying to distract us with another war.

The truths of the Covid scam are coming out – masks don’t work, lockdowns destroyed our mental health, Covid injections do not prevent infection and transmission and may even be causing immunodeficiency. But the tyrants in charge refuse to admit they blew it and want us to fixate on another made up crisis.

So what if Russia invades Ukraine? Why get excited about one oligarchy annexing another? What is the point of banning Russian vodka when most of our shelves are filled with products “Made in China”?

Do you think those of us who haven’t been terrorized into submission by the Wuhan Flu are going to believe anything we see on the news about Ukraine? Do you think we are not aware that Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Clinton and many more politicians have financial ties to this?

China has already agreed to buy Russia's oil if the United States and Europe refuse to. Sanctions aren’t going to hurt Putin one bit. And the Bidens will make money no matter who wins this kerfuffle.

Do they think we are that stupid? Probably, because most of the United States is. There are still people putting masks on two-year-olds.

I will not be distracted by a fake war when doctors and nurses in our own country are still murdering people in hospitals with Remdesivir.

I will not be distracted by a fake war when oligarchs of our own are still selling a defective product and the sheeple are dumb enough to keep lining up for their “boosters” like heroin addicts.

I will not be distracted by a fake war while my country is an apartheid state. An apartheid state where employers demand to know your private medical history or personal religious beliefs and deny employment to those who cannot or will not take medication they don’t need. An apartheid state where religious and cultural minorities and individuals with complex medical conditions are barred from colleges and universities, refused entrance to some restaurants and theaters and are taken off transplant lists.

What if every LGBTQ+ person had to fill out a form detailing their sexual preferences and/or marital status? What if we brought back restaurants segregated by race or class? Would we rise up then?

Unlikely. The American People are too stoned, bellies full, sated by media to think anymore. Go ahead, virtue signaling fools! Fly the flag of another country on your Facebook page while your liberties are stripped and your nation destroyed from within.

I will cry for my beloved country.

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