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The medical community has much to atone for.

The public used to trust us. Tell us their most dangerous secrets. Believed that we genuinely cared about them and wanted them to get better. That we weren’t just in it for the paycheck.

I can’t know the hearts of my colleagues, but I do know that those of us who spoke up in the beginning, encouraged early treatment and questioned the propaganda and the highly profitable medical experiments, are being vindicated.

The cat’s out of the bag. More people died in the last two and a half years than needed to. More people will continue to die prematurely because Fauci and Birx and Pfizer and Moderna and the CDC and countless other profiteers lied to us.

Some of us trusted the “experts”, if only for a little while, and will have that on our consciences forever. And anyone who is still pushing the latest narrative about safety and efficacy, because they are just stupid or are preserving their current revenue streams, will need to answer to their Makers when it is their time.

And, as I live each day knowing that, someday, I will be worm or fish food or stuck on one of my kids' bookshelves, I will continue to be truthful to my patients. I will continue to research, question, adapt, learn, advocate.

I will not just “follow the protocol” for the protocol’s sake.

The Globalists may want “universal healthcare” and may get what they want (universal suffering) when the world collapses into chaos, but the healers among us need to remember that not all healthcare is universal.

We need to practice in a way that puts patients over profits, people over politics. Our individualized care should give comfort and, when possible, cure and not just generate customers.

Our protocols should be principled. We must First, Do No Harm and patients have a Right to Try and Right to Refuse.

Thou Shall Not Kill, Thou Shall Not Steal, Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness.

And our penance must begin.

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