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A Letter of Loss, Love and Liberty

I was fortunate to grow up in an era when children were still taught about the evils of National Socialism and Communism. I came of age during the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Islamic extremism filled the void of the Socialist and Communist threat and we all watched the Towers fall on 9/11 with horror. Thousands of innocent Americans died and even more good men and women would later be killed in the desert or suffer the long-term trauma of what they witnessed there.

But I never imagined I would see the attempted suicide of America.

The Office of the President was befouled long ago by Bill Clinton and his perversions, the warmongering of the Bush Family, et. al. and the ultimate affront, the election of a corrupt, America-hating fraud named Barack Hussein Obama.

We suffered years of economic hardship, saw our jobs outsourced, our retirement plans disintegrate, our homes lost and our healthcare costs skyrocket. All the while, elitist snobs on both sides of the political aisle looked their noses down on those of us who had to roll our sleeves up when we went to work -- because we might get our hands dirty for real.

We “short sleeves" decided in 2016 that we were tired of voting for country club politicians. We were tired of the supercilious tone and sneers of the Obamas and Clintons and Romneys and Bushes and all the other career government leeches who had been snuffling at the taxpayer trough and never worked a real job a day in their lives.

We wanted someone different and we didn’t care if he was uncouth or had a bad tan. We cared if he respected us. We cared if he loved America and wanted Americans to have jobs and savings and own a home.

We knew most politicians had mistresses or shady deals in the past -- what difference does it make? If it is ok to let our Ambassador die in Benghazi or sell weapons and influence to our enemies, who cares if the President dated a porn star or has a couple of divorces under his belt?

What mattered to us is whether or not he would fix the mess our country was in. We wanted someone who would bring manufacturing back to the United States, lower our taxes and stop forcing us to buy health insurance we didn’t need or want. We wanted to stop using taxpayer money to dismember babies in the womb.

We wanted a President who didn’t give a crap what color our skin was or whom we slept with or what our religion was or how much money we did or didn't have. We wanted a President who just cared that we were Americans.

But that annoyed the “intellectuals” and sellouts in Congress and bureaucrats in blue states who have been making bank for years on the backs of working schmucks. They like to distract us by talking about what we identify as.

We aren’t suave and sophisticated. We may have managed to educate ourselves in something useful (in spite of lousy schools and Marxist indoctrination centers masquerading as colleges and universities), but we don't have the time and energy to waste on identity politics.

And it has been made clear to us: If you have a trade or built a business from scratch or wear dungarees or a uniform to work instead of a suit or high heels, you are garbage and don’t deserve to come to the table.

Sure, they will use all of us -- the poor, the working class, the gays, people of color -- whomever has been deemed the next Victim Class of the Month. They will use whomever they need to use to stay in or reclaim power.

We saw it last summer. The Left praised looters and rioters and everyone who burned cities and businesses and assaulted innocent people in the street. We were all told the violence was justified because of "systemic racism". Dare not object (or remain silent) lest you be called racist yourself!

They used the latest virus and preyed upon our fear of death to institute unconstitutional lockdowns and mask mandates and mail-in voting. They made oodles of money for pharmaceutical and medical device companies and their investors with expensive medications, PPE, COVID-19 tests and "vaccines".

For what? So they could get what they wanted – Power.

And they got it. Then they vilified those of us who questioned what was done and hypocritically called our protests "insurrection" instead of "mostly peaceful". They got the power they wanted by whatever means necessary and now they can go back to their cocktail parties as if the Orange Man and those annoying, working-class rubes never existed.

They will soon forget about black lives and poor lives and immigrant lives until they need to rile everyone up for the next election cycle. They can kill jobs and babies with the stroke of a pen and demonize anyone who dares criticize them for it.

And Americans will suffer, because the masses always suffer in Socialist and Communist countries while the ruling class feasts.

But we will not be silent. Sure, you can try to take away our freedom of speech, falsely accuse us of racism and whatever other "ism" you can come up with and trump up charges for crimes we didn't commit, but we will not go away. You can call us domestic terrorists, but repeating a lie over and over again does not make it true.

You will not stop us from loving our country and trying to save her from those who wish to destroy the Republic so they can have the spoils for themselves.

We are not a cult. Americans and patriots are more than just weak followers of a single man. Nor do we kneel before the mob. We come in every color and creed, but we all bleed red.

We will be civil and peaceful -- we are not barbarians -- but we remember the names of those who showed their true colors and hatred of this country.

God Bless America and all who love her.

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